I reside in Northern Kentucky, quite near the great Ohio River and the amazing city of Cincinnati, with my wonderful amyq-headshot22family: my husband Rodney and our boys, ages 10 & 8.

I enjoy blogging, reading, social media, finding local adventures to take with my family, crafting, cooking, scrapbooking, am a major theater buff, and enjoy playing games of all varieties (video, tabletop, role playing, cards) both alone and with my family.

Having grown up a sci-fi and adventure fan, it didn’t take much convincing to bring me to the table to try out Pathfinder, Dungeons & Dragons, and many other tabletop games along with Monopoly and card games as well.

I hope to share with you my love of games, theater, and adventuring and hope you’ll be inspired to create some new adventures of your own!